Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aberdaron Day 2

29 June 2008

Howdy, All,

When I woke up this morning, I went over the the Ty Newydd for breakfast, which is included with the room. The owner and his wife ensured that I was taken care of with poached eggs and o.j. and some fruit.

I had decided that I was going to go to the Whispering Sands beach, because I had seen a photo in one of the shops and I really wanted to get that same photo.. and I was feeling much better. I had the cell phone that Simon had given me and I was thinking that I would attempt the walk and call if I needed to be rescued.

The way to the beach was a road walk, and you know how I feel about those..but, up and out of the village I went. Not far on, I met up with a husband and wife who were walking my way. They were very friendly and had come from Manchester, they had a motor home and parked it in a farmers field for many years. They knew where I was going-had been there many times-and said that they would leave me before I got to Whispering Sands, but they would point me in the right direction.

We had a nice chat and before long, they were leaving the road. The husband pointed out to me where I was going and said I would be there before I knew it. The point on the horizon where he was pointing was quite a distance away! Well, I had walked this far and I was going to continue on. I had the phone..

So, I go around the corner and Whoa! There was the entrance to Whispering Sands Beach. That little bugger! He was probably having a good laugh about now..

The walk to the beach was downhill...ouchy, but it was well worth it! I went north a little ways on the coastal path prior to going on the beach and I am glad I did, because, when I went down to the beach, there was the picture I was looking for! Total Coincidence!

I was walking the beach, listening for the whispers... then I realized that the beach was a sand beach, just like the Jersey Shore beaches...not pebbles or rocks!

That was the attraction here!

Well, I sat in the little cafe and had a cuppa joe, then went up the hill and looked out over the bay. It is just so beautiful in Wales!

I called Peter to see if he could pick me up and he was able to come straight away, but was apologetic because he had been gardening and was dressed for it. no worries.. He took me back to the headquarters for the Edge of Wales Walk and showed me around the new building that he had built for groups of people to stay in during the walks. Very nicely done. I was thinking I would like to stay there!

We made arrangements for tomorrow, as I'm heading back to Bangor after breakfast.