Friday, June 27, 2008

Mofra Nefyn to Carrog Farm

27 June 2008
Howdy, All,

Mrs Middleton cooked me poached eggs and smoked haddock for breakfast. Very Nice-- with o.j. and coffee. I believe that the haddock was poached. I never had it that way, but it was tasty.
Mr Middleton had hung up my wet clothes to dry last nite after he started the coal fire in the cast iron insert in the beautiful fireplace. So, my shoes and clothes were toasty warm for me this morning.

Simon picked me up at 9:30 to take me about 3 miles from Morfa Nevyn to a Port Towyn.

It wasn't raining when Simon picked me up, but that wasn't the case for long. I managed to get some great pics, especially of the sheep on the cliffs. These cliffs were incredible and the path was actually a little scary, what with hundreds of feet dropoff to the sea..... good thing I don't suffer with vertigo.

Well, after it started to downpour with drving rain that was stinging my face, I decided to head to the next b&b, on the closest foot path out to the road, as opposed to going along further on the coast to the foot path Simon showed me. Well, that was a real stinky, yucky path, right thru the muck from a dairy barn. UCK.

Got to the road, then missed the left turn. I thought it might have bee the turn, but by American standards, it looked like a driveway, with ivy covered pillars, no road sign and no stop sign. So, I kept walking and discovered that was the road, but it was too far to go back. I was soaked to the bone and beyond. But, now I wouldl have the opportunity to stop in at another church on the pilgrimage route. This one was unusual, because it had 3 alters and aisles. It was a nice respite from the rain, that's for sure. In fact, while I was in there, it actually stopped raining. Now it was just the wind blowing.

I finally got to the Carrog Farm B&B. There was a note on the door indicating where my room was located and that I should make myself at home. This is a great place. I was so happy to get my wet clothes off. I made some coffee and laid down to rest.

Before I knew it, Mrs. Thomas was knocking me up! She gathered my wet clothes and washed them for me. They really needed it. Also, Mrs Thomas asked me what I wanted for dinner. I thought the poached salmon with carrots and new potatoes sounded good...and it was.

I have to admit, my knee is killing me, especially after a 2 1/2 mile road walk. I am going to take a hot bath. It's about 10:30 now and just finally getting dark.
Total walked = 4