Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Edge of Wales Walk

24 June 2008

Howdy All,

My cousin, Gwyn, picked me up at Manchester airport this morning and took me to his parents house. Ithel and Idwen have always been like a second mom and dad to me, so I am always so happy to see them. But, I am not able to stay with them this year.. So I have planned a different Welsh Vacation this year.

I am going to Walk on the Edge of Wales!

I found this Walking vacation on the internet, of course. It sounded very interesting, so I contacted the Walks of Wales and arranged to walk for 4 days, staying at a bed and breakfast at my destination each nite with a total of 6 nights. One of the days will be going too Bardsey Island Simon and Peter are the guides, so to speak.

They don't walk with you, but they do pick you up and/or take you luggage to the next B&B. They were aware ahead of time, that I have a gluten and lactose intolerance, as well as nuts and seeds, and so have arranged with the B&B's to provide me with the required diet, which is a very big PLUS in my book.

After I visited with Ithel and Idwen, Gwyn and his daughter, Iola, drove me to the first B&B--the Bryn Eisteddfod Hotel in Clynnog Fawr, which overlooks Caernarfon Bay. I am going to be at this first B&B for 2 nights. We had a friendly welcome from Melody and Tracey. They have a great Chilean house wine and Gwyn was happy to have a 1/2 draught.

After Gwyn and Iola left to go back to Ithel and Idwen's, I ordered dinner. The chef, Roger, came out to the sitting area to discuss my meal. He wanted to be certain not to give me any of the food that to which I am intolerant. He suggested the Welsh Beef Filet. He gets it at a local farm, just 6 miles down the road. It is dry aged for 1 month. Of course, that is exactly what I ordered. And, I have to say, that is the best beef filet that I have had in a very, very long time. They do not put a steak knife on the table, and you don't need one! Guess I know what I am having tomorrow night, too!

One more thing before I go to bed at about midnite. It doesn't get dark 'til about 10:30!

Take care and talk to you tomorrow with more about this Welsh Walking Adventure!