Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clynnog Fawr to Mofra Nefyn

26 June 2008

Howdy, All,

Had another nice breakfast of poached eggs, fresh fruit, o.j. and coffee whilst looking out at Beautiful Caernarfon Bay, well, not really...cause really? I was watching the driving, blowing rain and I could barely see the bay.

So, Peter was picking me up at 10:00 and was going to drop me off somewhere. I was pretty sure that the condition of my knee wasn't going to allow me to do any walking today. At least no hills. Especially in the rain with extra slippery conditions. I explained this to Peter, so off we went, by car. First stop was the St Bueno Church.

Apparently, St Bueno is the guy that started all the church building and pilgrimage stuff. Nice church, half of which is the tomb for St Bueno.

Then Peter took me to the Nant Gwrtheyrn Village. It was way, way, way, way down in the coastal valley where there was once a thriving granite quarry village--which was only accessible by water. The only way down back then was a treacherous foot path.

Whilst down there, Peter told me that it had been his intention to drop me off at the top of that hill and I was to walk down the "new road" into the village--not on that bum knee.

So, the history of this village is that the last resident left in 1959 and it was abandoned. Then in the 80's the cottages were restored and the village became a Welsh Language School. I wanna enroll there, for sure.

Next, Peter took me to Morfa Nefyn by 11:30, where my next B&B was. The Llys Olwen Guest House is run by a very friendly couple, Mr and Mrs Middleton.

It rained all day. Good time to copy my pics to the hard drive and start writing my Blog.

At 4:30 I decided to put on all of my layers, including my yellow rain jacket and go for it. I wanted to eat dinner at the Cliffs Inn, which was recommended by Peter and Mrs Middleton. I also wanted to explore the small fishing village right on the shore called Port Dinllaen. It wasn't raining too hard when I left and I was in for a real treat.

The path was literally on the edge of the cliffs. Absolutely Stunning. Of course, I didn't bring my camera.

Glad I didn't. It started pouring rain. By the time I got to the Cliffs Inn, my pants were soaked thru. I had two pair on. As you may or may not know, I have hiking clothes that will keep me warm even when they are wet.

Lucky me.

But, as luck would have it, the Cliffs Inn didn't start serving dinner until 6pm. Darn, I would have to sit down and have a wine.. I had seen the specials menu and already knew what I was going to order. The Welsh Lamb Chops!

I will take this time to explain, if you don't already know, about the way to order in the UK. For the bar, you order your drink, get your drink, then go sit down at the tables. For the food, you go to the food till and order your food, giving your name and table number. You also pay for the food. Then, the food runner brings you the food. There is no tipping whatsoever with this method of service. There really isn't service.. You order the food, then bring it to you.

Anyway,. the Lamb Chops were wonderful. Also had new potoatoes and a salad. oh, and wine. Which incidentally, is a house wine--French red table, and must be in a barrel, 'cause it was dispensed just like beer, with a pull.

After dinner, back to the B&B. Wouldn't you know it, the sun has come out! So, I have to go back to get my camera, then back out again. That was 2 miles round trip. Then another mile back to the village of Port Dinllaen, where I got some great sunset pics.

Saw the coolest golf course, Andrew and Matt would love it!

Total miles hike = approx 4

By the time I got back to the B&B, it was 10:30 and it was just about dark. gotta love it.